What to Know With a Towing Service

So, is there a high tech method to alleviate the worry so you can be safe while towing behind an RV? Yes there is! There is a vibration sensing device that attaches to the twelve volt plug in both your towed vehicle and your towing vehicle. The sensor suction cup mounts to any place that is convenient in the towed vehicle and the receiver is placed anywhere convenient for the driver. They communicate wirelessly when in travel or sitting still.

Terre Haute Towing Service will help with any and all towing needs and if you need advice on the towing of your small trailer or RV give us a call…

Ask another person to help you check the lights on your tow vehicle and trailer, including brake lights, turn signals, and running lights. Double check the coupler and safety chains before towing. The trailer tongue should be parallel to the ground on a flat surface. If it slopes up or down, adjust the hitch or redistribute the load. The weight of the boat should be distributed evenly from front to rear and side to side. An uneven load could cause the trailer to bounce or sway as you drive down the road.

The MDL320/110 comes well equipped with a low profile crossbar and wheel grids as well as a variety of frame forks and lifting attachments that enable damage free towing of most cars and medium duty trucks. With increased towing capabilities, the available 7,500 lb. capacity medium duty tire lift makes motor home towing and tractor swaps a breeze. In addition, a large selecting of optional towing attachments are available for many vehicle and trailer towing applications.

Pulling the loaded truck makes this apparently primary activity of towing to a certain degree dangerous. The accessories which you are going to use whilst pulling attempt would not be even close to the vehicles weight you would be pulling anyways. So, it is very essential to choose your accessories. Remember, one mistake can damage your truck irreversibly.

Frame Check the frame of the trailer for cracks, especially at the weld joints. There should be no signs of cracks or fatigue. Frame or weld crack are generally not a problem, but when towing a heavy boat they can be. If you see any signs of cracks in the frame, take your trailer to your nearest boating center or trailer dealer for service.

After that, be sure the vehicle’s weight is centered over, or slightly forward of the car trailer’s wheels. As much as you can, ensure that the side to side weight of the trailer is balanced by offsetting tool boxes. Added weight means more stress on your tow vehicle and of course more fuel stops. A car trailer built using aircraft grade aluminum will reduce weight and make towing easy. So, before you buy it, make sure what type of material it is. It’s recommendable to be aluminum. One of the biggest issues when towing is loading up the trailer. Getting the vehicle in/on the trailer and securing it can be quite breath taking. Accessing and lifting the ramps can also be a big job as well and often really bulky as they are made to load 5k plus trucks and tractors.